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Cortlandt Winters cort at notebookmargins.com
Mon Aug 29 07:48:30 PDT 2005

Hi Samir,

Ahh, it's easier to respond now, knowing what library you are thinking

There are folk who have brought up XIFF in the past and I think it's a good
bet that at some point some critical mass will form to implement XMPP. It's
definitely something that needs to be done formally on the laszlo-dev list
with some guidance from the language experts there though.

If you have some time to contribute to the platform, you could persue it
there as a proposal. I'm sure folk would provide whatever help they can.

Here is the text of a post by Michael Remond from March who looked into it a
little bit, together with his thoughts about what would need to be done.

If all you need is the functionality of XMPP and you don't have time to try
and integrate XMPP formally, you might want to look into the persistent
connection feature, which already exists for this purpose and which is very
easy to use.

Hope this helps,


Mickael Remond wrote:
> Hello,
> Did someone already tried to integrate laszlo and the XIFF library for
> Jabber server connection ?
It seems that I might be the first one to get interest in this.
I looked a little bit at the Laszlo code (Action Script) and I
definitely need to learn more Actionscript to get further.
I just started learning Actionscript to integrate xiff and Laszlo (I am
much more a server-side programmer :-), but advices to get me up to
speed quickly are needed.
I looked at the Laszlo code and:
- It seems that I should start from existing Actionscript files:
LzConnection seems a good candidate. What do you think ?
- I think that I shoud write an object that provide various methods and
events to get the data. I am not sure yet if I need to produce several
datasets as in the LzConnection code.
- Adding a new tag that can be handled by the compiler (at the canvas
level) seems pretty straightforward. It might get trickier if I want to
be able to support several connection to different Jabber server in
different view, so I will start at the canvas level.
The architecture of the Actionscript code with dataset, datasource,
datapointer looked complicated at first sight. I need to work on it to
get a better understanding.
If other people are interested, I would be happy to share more ideas
before starting coding the Jabber integration into Laszlo. I will
probably have to do more experiments with Laszlo before starting writing
the interface.
Mickaël Rémond

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I am trying to integrate xiff into laszlo. xiff is an actionscript lib which
implements the XMPP protocol. If i cant integrate actionscript should I be
compiling it to an swf and then try to import it? in which case I am not
very sure how to use it.


On 8/29/05, Cortlandt Winters <cort at notebookmargins.com> wrote:
Hi Samir,

In general, there isn't. Actionscript and Lzx, though similarly based on
EcmaScript, are still different languages and generally would conflict.

It might be possible to use an actionscript library as the basis for a
Laszlo equivalent. The less tied to actionscript specific features, and the
more it is based on pure ECMAscript,  the more realistic this is.

Such a project needs to go through the formal proposal process so that the
interfaces can be examined by the language designers for things like changes
that would be required to enable it to interoperate with the rest of the
language and compatability with whatever alternative runtimes that Lzx might
be ported to in the future.

So something like a Math library might make it into the language pretty
easily, but something Flash specific like a library for accessing local
shared objects would probably not be as welcome.

Here is the wiki info on the proposal process


Hope that clarifies things a bit,

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Is there any way to import an action script lib into laszlo? havent found
anything in the docs as yet.


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