[Laszlo-user] Fonts on 3.0rc1 - OSX

Benjamin Cox ben at insourcery.com
Sat Apr 16 22:06:22 PDT 2005


We're experiencing a little bit of difficulty with the fonts on 
OpenLaszlo 3.0 RC 1 on Mac OS X, running Flash 7 in Safari.  In 
essence, any font face we define with a 'style' attribute resolves 
correctly (i.e. a bold face shows up when the <b> tag is used in HTML 
text), but that is the only one that shows up.  The 'normal' text 

For instance, the following results in the text "What the heck is going 
on here?" being the only thing that shows up.  However, removing the 
<face style="bold"> tag results in the opposite.  Finally, the 
workarounds we tried, such as defining different named fonts and 
overriding the <text>'s font with an HTML <font> tag, had the same 

Has anyone had a similar experience?  Is it Mac-specific or do we know 
yet?  Any ideas on how to fix it?

<canvas width="60%" height="600">

   <font name="sanSerifFont">
     <face src="fonts/HelveticaNeue.ttf"/>
     <face src="fonts/HelveticaNeueLight.ttf" style="bold"/>
   <font name="sanSerifLight">

   <view width="${parent.width}" height="${parent.height}">
     <text width="150" height="150"
               font="sanSerifFont" fontsize="15" multiline="true">
            Hello, World!<br/>
            <b>What the heck is going on here?</b><br/>



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