[Laszlo-user] Debugger sensibility

Adam Wolff adam at laszlosystems.com
Mon Apr 4 09:00:35 PDT 2005

some of the components produce warnings that can't be avoided.


Henry Minsky wrote:
> You may have redefined a class name and overwritten an exisitng class, causing
> all sorts of havoc. Look for any views you have defined at the top
> level of the canvas with a name or nested views with "id" which is the
> same as a builtin class like "button".
> The next release will have some compiler and runtime warnings for more
> of these kinds of issues.
> On Apr 4, 2005 9:52 AM, achim bode <achimbode at gmx.net> wrote:
>> hi all,
>>  using standard components I keep getting these red indications in
>>  the debugger window:
>> >  lz/button.lzx:158: reference to undefined variable '_title'
>> >  lz/button.lzx:158: undefined object does not have a property 'setAttribute'
>> >  lz/button.lzx:162: reference to undefined variable '_outerbezel'
>> >  base/basecomponent.lzx:314: undefined object does not have a property 'setColorTransform'
>> >  lz/button.lzx:163: reference to undefined variable '_innerbezel'
>> >  lz/button.lzx:164: reference to undefined variable '_face'
>> >  lz/button.lzx:117: reference to undefined property '_outerbezel'
>> >  lz/button.lzx:117: undefined object does not have a property 'setResourceNumber'
>> >  lz/button.lzx:119: reference to undefined property '_face'
>> >  lz/button.lzx:119: undefined object does not have a property 'setResourceNumber'
>> >  lz/button.lzx:120: reference to undefined property '_innerbezel'
>> >  lz/button.lzx:120: undefined object does not have a property 'setResourceNumber'
>> >  lz/button.lzx:121: reference to undefined property '_title'
>> >  lz/button.lzx:121: undefined object does not have a property 'setAttribute'
>>   the problem is that I haven't even touched the button object nor
>>   have I extended it or anything (not in this case at least...) - I
>>   just USED it.
>>   we tried the same code on a different system and the warnings did
>>   not occur. now: do I have to put my computer on a shrink's couch or
>>   is there a simple configuration opportunity to configure
>>   non-reporting of undefined properties (possibly especially for
>>   special subsets of objects) or lowering sensitivity in general?
>> thanx + beste grüße,
>> :] achim
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