[Laszlo-dev] [BULK] Can't get mousewheel to work

Rami Ojares / AMG rami.ojares at archon.fi
Wed Sep 21 05:27:16 PDT 2011

I even added a handler that listens to mousewheelevents from lz.Keys but 
I get nothing!

The following code shows that keyboard events are received but not the 
mousewheeldelta events.

<handler name="onmousewheeldelta" reference="lz.Keys" args="delta"><![CDATA[
         Debug.debug("Delta = %w", delta);
<handler name="onkeyevent" reference="lz.Keys" args="key"><![CDATA[
         Debug.debug("Key = %w", key);

Can someone verify this?
I am using flash version on windows and linux.

- rami

On 09/21/2011 03:01 PM, Rami Ojares / AMG wrote:
> Hi Amy,
> I started by adding mousewheelactive="true" to both scrollbars.
> Then only one of them.
> No luck.
> Then I set the text component explicitly as the scrolltarget
> That's when the vertical scrollbar moved from right to left?!?
> I tried experimenting with focusview and focusable but I got nothing.
> (I don't even know what role the focus plays in receiving mousewheel 
> events).
> So if someone could show me a piece of code where the mousewheel moves
> the scrollbars I would be delighted.
> - rami

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