[Laszlo-dev] [JIRA] Updated: (LPP-8376) Font attributes from stylesheets do not cascade from parent views to child text nodes

Max Carlson max at openlaszlo.org
Thu Apr 1 10:21:50 PDT 2010

I had already filed a bug, but thanks for the reminded to add the screw 

Max Carlson

On 4/1/10 10:17 AM, P T Withington wrote:
> It seems you should open a bug to implement a general cascading mechanism that would expand on your font solution and also address this issue (since CSS handles this case and we are trying to be like CSS).  Yes?
> On 2010-03-31, at 18:46, Max Carlson (JIRA) wrote:
>> Improved, updated to address Andre's comments.  I'm not addressing this comment from Tucker:
>> This won't notice if someone sets an intervening view's property:
>> <view id="out" font="$style{'onefont'}">
>>   <view id="in" onclick="this.setAttribute('font', 'anotherfont')">
>>     <text>Show me the font</text>
>>   </view>
>> </view>

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