[Laszlo-dev] how to catch the Flex compiler Errors?

Sebastian Wagner seba.wagner at gmail.com
Fri Jul 24 04:28:50 PDT 2009


actually you run into a lot of compilation issues when you run a previous
application into SWF9.
I followed the SWF9 Migration Guide of course, the code has zero problems to
be compiled to SWF8.
I guess in most cases its something very tiny tricky in the code that needs
to be changed but actually you don't get anything except
*org.openlaszlo.sc.CompilerError: Errors from compiler, output file not
The console does also only pring:
FAIL: compiler returned 1 ... or another number

So how do you get those Compile Errors?
I guess they are not really that handy as they will show you only errors in
the resulting ActionScript that is going to be compiled by the Flex
So you will not see which LZX-Codeline has the error.
But without any notice at which code-block to look at its almost impossible
to migrate more then a bunch of code lines with every compilation.

I've seen that there are some properties in the configuration:
# Tell compiler to catch errors in debug mode

changing them does seem to have an effect.

Is there a clue that is hidden somewhere or how do you judge what needs to
be done when you run into this?


Sebastian Wagner
seba.wagner at gmail.com
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