[Laszlo-dev] For Review: Change 20080915-maxcarlson-N Summary: Move colors out of global namespace

P T Withington ptw at laszlosystems.com
Mon Sep 29 14:47:46 PDT 2008

I can't approve this unless test/style/metasuite also passes.

I believe there are cases where a CSS style specifies a color using an  
identifier that will break if the global color names go away.

To fix that, we have to re-think how identifiers should be handled in  
CSS style specifications.

On 2008-09-15, at 21:17EDT, Max Carlson wrote:

> Change 20080915-maxcarlson-N by maxcarlson at Bank on 2008-09-15  
> 18:11:53 PDT
>    in /Users/maxcarlson/openlaszlo/trunk-clean
>    for http://svn.openlaszlo.org/openlaszlo/trunk
> Summary:  Move colors out of global namespace
> Bugs Fixed: LPP-6985 - Move colors out of global namespace
> Technical Reviewer: ptw
> QA Reviewer: promanik
> Details: LzUtils.lzs - Move color processing routines to static  
> methods in LzColorUtils class so they are available early enough to  
> be called by the compiler.
> Library.lzs - Comment out include for global color declarations.
> NodeModel.java - Call LzColorUtils.convertColor() to convert colors  
> from attribute type="color" at runtime.
> colors.lzx - Define new colors in lz.Utils.colornames.
> Tests: http://localhost:8080/trunk-clean/test/lfc/lzunit-lzutils.lzx  
> passes as before.  Components (which rely extensively on color  
> values/attributes for styling) run as before in component sampler.
> Files:
> M      WEB-INF/lps/lfc/services/LzUtils.lzs
> M      WEB-INF/lps/lfc/core/Library.lzs
> M      WEB-INF/lps/server/src/org/openlaszlo/compiler/NodeModel.java
> M      lps/components/base/colors.lzx
> Changeset: http://svn.openlaszlo.org/openlaszlo/patches/20080915-maxcarlson-N.tar

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