[Laszlo-dev] For Review: Change 20080905-laszlo-2 Summary: States example 5 miscounts applies

Philip Romanik promanik at laszlosystems.com
Sat Sep 6 09:06:56 PDT 2008


>Change 20080905-laszlo-2 by laszlo at T43-L3XEXMW on 2008-09-05 
>21:23:33 EDT in /home/laszlo/src/svn/openlaszlo/trunk-ocelot
>Summary: States example 5 miscounts applies
>New Features:
>Bugs Fixed: LPP-6939 - States example 5 miscounts applies
>Technical Reviewer: promanik
>QA Reviewer: (pending)
>Doc Reviewer: (pending)
>Release Notes:
>Details: Overlooked this with my last checkin to this file. I forgot 
>to make it only count applies when applied was true and not just 
>whenever applied changed.
>Tests: Run the modified file. It should now have the correct count.
>M docs/src/developers/programs/states-$5.lzx
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