[Laszlo-dev] For Review: Change 20080526-bargull-on9 Summary: Fix dhtml image loading

Philip Romanik promanik at laszlosystems.com
Mon May 26 12:40:44 PDT 2008

The testcase in LPP-3865 produces the same output pre/post this fix. 
What should I be seeing that is different? Same issue with LPP-5901. 
I don't see any distorted images in an unmodified sandbox.

I tried it with IE6/dhtml, IE7/dhtml, FF2/dhtml

>Change 20080526-bargull-on9 by bargull at dell--p4--2-53 on 2008-05-26 
>17:51:19 in /home/Admin/src/svn/openlaszlo/trunk
>Summary: Fix dhtml image loading
>New Features:
>Bugs Fixed: LPP-3865, LPP-5901
>Technical Reviewer: max
>QA Reviewer: promanik
>Doc Reviewer: (pending)
>Release Notes:
>Differentiate between cache-hits and cache-misses in "__imgonload" et.
>al., so that image sizes aren't clobbered.
>Take care that "__lastcondition" will be set on the right object.
>Cancel a current load, when you're already loading an image to avoid 
>any resource-conflicts.
>M WEB-INF/lps/lfc/kernel/dhtml/LzSprite.js
>M WEB-INF/lps/lfc/kernel/dhtml/LzPool.js
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