[Laszlo-dev] for review, change to SOLO deployer to allow re-archiving of SOLO apps

Henry Minsky henry.minsky at gmail.com
Sun Oct 28 18:38:45 PDT 2007

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Summary: make solo deployers careful about existing lps directory

New Features:

Bugs Fixed: LPP-NaN

Technical Reviewer: max
QA Reviewer: jcrowley
Doc Reviewer:


Release Notes:


When you run the SOLO deployer wizard, it creates several files, such
as foo.lzx.html
wrapper,and some files in a subdirectory named "lps".

If you attempt to run the wizard again over a directory which is unpacked
from an archive produced by the SOLO wizard, it will choke when it tries to
write its own duplicate files to the new archive.

This fix reorganizes the creation of files, all new files are created first,
and then as files are added from disk, they are checked to make sure they do
not overwrite in the archive any files which were created by the wizard.


take an app, SOLO -deploy it, unpack in another dir, and try to run
SOLO deployer
wizard on that directory. Verify that the archive can be unpacked elsewhere and
run SOLO.


M      lps/admin/solo-deploy.jsp
M      lps/admin/solo-dhtml-deploy.jsp

Henry Minsky
Software Architect
hminsky at laszlosystems.com

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