[Laszlo-dev] UPDATE: For Review: Change 20071023-jcrowley-H Summary: WARNING: incubator/roundrect.lzx:196: reference to

Max Carlson max at openlaszlo.org
Tue Oct 23 16:26:55 PDT 2007

Do you know about svn blame?  It's my favorite feature:
'svn blame lps/components/incubator/roundrect.lzx'

shows I added this line as part of r6630 - Make drawviews resize.  Since 
this hasn't been integrated to wafflecone yet, I wouldn't expect it to 
be there.

Remember to use 'svn blame' when you're unsure where something came from!

J Crowley wrote:
> Actually, looks like this bug isn't present in trunk.  I found another 
> change, while porting this over -- a difference between trunk and 
> wafflecone.  In wafflecone, the following line was taken out of the 
> oncontext handler for roundrect:
> -            this._cache = null;
> Anyone know why this is different in wafflecone?  Looks like maybe the 
> real fix would be to just stick this line back in in the wafflecone 
> version.
> On Oct 23, 2007, at 6:36 PM, Max Carlson wrote:
>> Just for formality's sake, can you send a new change out that works 
>> against trunk?  And please ask Amy if you can/should check in the 
>> wafflecone fix.  Thanks!
>> J Crowley wrote:
>>> Sorry, guess I got confused because the bug said to check against 
>>> wafflecone and such.  I haven't checked it in yet, so no worries.
>>> You can still test this by applying it to trunk, but for right now, 
>>> in order to get roundrect to compile in trunk, you have to 
>>> temporarily change the attribute types from "size" to "number" in 
>>> incubator/roundrect.lzx.
>>> On Oct 23, 2007, at 6:24 PM, Max Carlson wrote:
>>>> Wait a second - not approved.  Mamye just pointed out that the fix 
>>>> version for this is ringding and therefore should be applied to 
>>>> trunk. Unless lpp-4576 is marked incorrectly...
>>>> J Crowley wrote:
>>>>> Tucker caught something in my last change, so I altered the fix 
>>>>> based on his suggestions.
>>>>> Change 20071023-jcrowley-H by jcrowley at doctormanhattan.mshome.net 
>>>>> on 2007-10-23 05:16:58 EDT
>>>>>     in /Users/jcrowley/src/svn/openlaszlo/wafflecone2
>>>>>     for http://svn.openlaszlo.org/openlaszlo/branches/wafflecone
>>>>> Summary: WARNING: incubator/roundrect.lzx:196: reference to
>>>>>     undefined property 'inset' in roundrect examples
>>>>> New Features:
>>>>> Bugs Fixed: LPP-4576 - WARNING: incubator/roundrect.lzx:196:
>>>>>     reference to undefined property 'inset' in roundrect
>>>>>     examples
>>>>> Technical Reviewer: ben
>>>>> QA Reviewer: max
>>>>> Doc Reviewer: (pending)
>>>>> Documentation:
>>>>> Release Notes:
>>>>> Details: UPDATE: Removed the attempt to set inset, since inset
>>>>>     is never really set, and would never actually be passed
>>>>>     through, here, anyway.
>>>>>     (NOTE: This is a bug for wafflecone.)
>>>>> Tests: test/components/incubator/test-roundrectbutton-simple.lzx
>>>>>     test/components/incubator/test-roundrect.lzx
>>>>>     Note that tests behave exactly as before, save for an
>>>>>     absence of the warning about references to undefined
>>>>>     property 'inset'.
>>>>> Files:
>>>>> M      lps/components/incubator/roundrect.lzx
>>>>> Changeset: 
>>>>> http://svn.openlaszlo.org/openlaszlo/patches/20071023-jcrowley-H.tar
>>>> -- 
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Max Carlson
>>>> OpenLaszlo.org
>> -- 
>> Regards,
>> Max Carlson
>> OpenLaszlo.org

Max Carlson

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