[Laszlo-dev] For Review: Summary: Fix html tag

Max Carlson max at openlaszlo.org
Tue Oct 2 11:34:11 PDT 2007

ehange 20071002-maxcarlson-a by maxcarlson at plastik on 2007-10-02  
11:15:45 PDT
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Summary: Fix html tag

New Features:

Bugs Fixed: LPP-4784 - OL4.0.5, <html> tag and SWF : http:// 

Technical Reviewer: promanik
QA Reviewer: jcrowley
Doc Reviewer: (pending)


Release Notes:

Details: DojoExternalInterface.as - Better debugging info, make sure  
resultsChecker function is named, clear out _root._callbackID when  
done looking for results.

Library.lzs - Add default values for  _root._currenthistory and  
_root._callbackID to prevent exceptions in IE.

LzHistory.as - Use _root._currenthistory to communicate current  
history state in swf7 to prevent concurrency issues calling into/out  
of flash simultaneously.

LaszloCanvas.lzs - Set canvas id passed in to init arguments.

test/html.lzx - Use w3.org as default URL to prevent runtime  
exceptions - openlaszlo.org fails to run some javascript when laoded  
in an iframe.

html-swf.js - Update to new wrapper format.

html.lzx - Pass in canvas id for callbacks.  Add support for  
sendToBack().  Always update position when iframeid is set.

embednew.js - Pass id into flashargs to set canvas.id.

lzhistory.js - Watch _currenthistory for history state changes for  
swf7 in _checklocationhash().  __setFlash() only sets history state  
if _callbackID is null.  Otherwise it waits 10ms.

iframemanager.js - Reorder init().  Add support for sendToBack().

dev-console.lzx.swf - Rebuild with default values for   
_root._currenthistory and _root.  _callbackID to prevent exceptions  
in IE.

Tests: http://localhost:8080/trunk-clean/lps/components/extensions/ 
test/html-swf.jsp and http://localhost:8080/trunk-clean/lps/ 
components/extensions/test/html.zlx run in swf7, swf8 and dhtml.   
http://localhost:8080/trunk-clean/test/history/history.lzx passes in  
swf7, swf8 and dhtml.  Tested under IE 6, 7 and Firefox 2 OS X.

M      WEB-INF/lps/lfc/kernel/swf/dojo/flash6/DojoExternalInterface.as
M      WEB-INF/lps/lfc/kernel/swf/dojo/Library.lzs
M      WEB-INF/lps/lfc/services/platform/swf/LzHistory.as
M      WEB-INF/lps/lfc/views/LaszloCanvas.lzs
M      lps/components/extensions/test/html.lzx
M      lps/components/extensions/test/html-swf.jsp
M      lps/components/extensions/html.lzx
M      lps/includes/source/embednew.js
M      lps/includes/source/lzhistory.js
M      lps/includes/source/iframemanager.js
M      lps/admin/dev-console.lzx.swf

Changeset: http://svn.openlaszlo.org/openlaszlo/patches/20071002- 

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