[Laszlo-dev] More data issues in DHTML

P T Withington ptw at openlaszlo.org
Tue Sep 19 06:08:48 PDT 2006

I don't see how 1587 could break this.  It only changed LzDataNode.

There seem to already be plenty of places in LzDatapointer where p  
can be null, so I think really the code just has to be gone over and  

On 2006-09-19, at 02:47 EDT, Max Carlson wrote:

> Note this broke in r1857.  If I sync to r1851, the tree example works.
> -Max
> Max Carlson wrote:
>> http://localhost:8080/legals/examples/components/tree_example.lzx? 
>> lzr=dhtml
>>  fails expecting datapath.p to not be null:
>> getNodeCount:function(){
>> --> return this.p.childNodes.length||0
>> I tried conditionalizing and testing to be sure p exists, but it  
>> really
>> seems like p should be defined...
>> -Max
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