[Laszlo-dev] OpenLaszlo + Swfmill + MTASC (or The Return of The Peeing Dog)

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Tue Jan 31 14:40:58 PST 2006

I am trying to use SWFmill + MTASC to inject Actionscript into OpenLaszlo 3.1.1 
compiled SWF 8 ..

the idea is to use SWFmill + MTASC to inject Actionscript 2.0 into OpenLaszlo swf.

But the end result is a blank rendering of swf in Flash Player 8.   

Why?   How to apply example to OpenLaszlo swf?


Here is the test environment.

Download SWFmill and place in c:\SWFmill\swfmill.exe



Download MTASC and place in c:\mtasc



Set paths to SWFmill.exe and MTASC.exe in System %PATH% 

reboot ..

Follow example here ..

Publishing to Flash 8 with Swfmill and MTASC (or The Return of The Peeing 



Now .. in OpenLaszlo compile a very simple testlzx.swf .. e.g. a box view.

Place the swf in ..

PeeingDogFlash8\src\library\ .. same location as PeeingDog.swf




change <library> content to this .. in lieu of PeeingDog.swf

<clip id="Application" class="Application" />
<clip id="PeeingDog" class="PeeingDog" import="src/library/testlzx.swf" />


Run .. PeeingDogFlash8\build.bat

Now click on .. PeeingDogFlash8\build\application.swf

and it is a blank rendering of the OpenLaszlo swf.. but why?

Other flash movies (e.g. from Flash IDE) import o.k. .. 

but not from OpenLaszlo compilation.


The OpenLaszlo compiled swf can be converted to xml using DOS command ..

swfmill swf2xml testlzx.swf testlzx.xml


Other references ..



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