[Laszlo-dev] text should default to resizable=true

P T Withington ptw at pobox.com
Fri Dec 23 10:05:47 PST 2005

I've always felt that your conditions 1 and 2 were a crock.  I can't  
imagine anyone depending on that.  I would vote for just changing the  

On 23 Dec 2005, at 12:37, Oliver Steele wrote:

> <text> defaults to resize=false.  This leads to a number of  
> anomalies, a couple of which are listed at http:// 
> wiki.openlaszlo.org/Gotchas.
> Historically, this was because Flash 5 didn't support automatically  
> resizable text, and it would have been excruciatingly slow to  
> compute the width in JavaScript.  (We know, because we did  
> something similar in order to implement editable multiline text.)   
> However, Flash 6 and higher support resizable text in the display  
> model.
> I propose that we change the text default to resize=true for  
> OpenLaszlo 4.0, both to remove this gotcha/annoyance, and for  
> compatibility with HTML.
> This is a potentially incompatible change: (1) Code that assumes  
> that text without an explicit width will stay the same size even  
> when its content changes, will break.  (2) Code that assumes that  
> <text> fields without any initial content will default to, and  
> remain at, 100 pixels wide, will also break.
> The heavyweight migration strategy would be to handle this in two  
> stages:
> - In OpenLaszlo 3.2, the default stays at resize=false, but resize  
> becomes a mandatory attribute.  This forces developers to specify  
> whether or not they intend resizing; it also insures that any code  
> that compiles without warnings in both OpenLaszlo 3.2 and  
> OpenLaszlo 4.0, will have the same behavior in both versions.
> - In OpenLaszlo 4.0, the default changes to resize=true, and resize  
> again becomes optional.
> Or, if the (1) and (2) are rare, we can use a simpler migration  
> path, and simply change it in 4.0.  (In fact, if they're rare, we  
> might as well change it in 3.2.)
> Thoughts?
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