[Laszlo-dev] animator problem?

Denis Bohm denis at fireflydesign.com
Thu Dec 15 22:55:48 PST 2005

I'm trying to make a layout with a number of small views where the view 
under the mouse is expanded.  The change in state from normal to 
expanded is animated.  If I slowly move the mouse in and out of a view 
then it works fine.  If I move in and move out before the animation is 
done then the view ends up in an incorrect state (funky size).  This 
happens in the examples in the reference also.  Is this a known bug?

<canvas bgcolor="black">

    <dataset name="photos">
            <photo color="white"/>
            <photo color="red"/>
            <photo color="black"/>
            <photo color="blue"/>
            <photo color="yellow"/>
            <photo color="green"/>
            <photo color="gray"/>

    <class name="icon" extends="view" width="75" height="75">
        <attribute name="value" type="string" value="red"/>
        <state name="max">
            <animatorgroup name="size" process="simultaneous" 
                <animator name="w" attribute="width" to="150"/>
                <animator name="h" attribute="height" to="150"/>
        <state name="min" apply="true">
            <animatorgroup name="size" process="simultaneous" 
                <animator name="w" attribute="width" to="75"/>
                <animator name="h" attribute="height" to="75"/>
        <method event="onmouseover">
        <method event="onmouseout">
        <view width="${parent.width}" height="${parent.height}" 
        <view x="1" y="1" width="${parent.width - 2}" 
height="${parent.height - 2}" bgcolor="red"/>

    <view name="icons">
        <simplelayout axis="x" spacing="8"/>
        <view name="list" datapath="photos:/photos/photo">


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