[Laszlo-dev] Introduction: Cortlandt Winters

mdavis mdavis at laszlosystems.com
Wed Oct 27 11:09:58 PDT 2004

Cortlandt Winters wrote:

>Hello Folk,
>I should introduce myself as well.

>[...] I could see lzx potentially becoming my
>first choice as a language.
After working in LZX for a while, I sorely missed some of the language 
features while doing other development. Constraints are one of my 
favorite bits of LZX.

>My other interest and what I will look at in the near turn is in creating
>some components to make developing board games really easy, throwable dice,
>zoomable map, decks of cards, hands of cards, discussion and turn based
I wrote a video poker game in LZX that has gone missing but it was tons 
of fun to build. I spent most of my time tweaking the display and 
animation because the core of the game was very simple to implement.

We didn't finish our mult-player bridge or blackjack. The multi-player 
blackjack Henry and I wrote got to a working state but not "finished".

While all answers are responses, not all responses are answers. So here 
some responses to some of your questions:

>3) assuming the answer to 2 is 'yes', will the persistent connection manager
>be reliable enough to maintain a (fairly slow) turn based state between
>multiple players of a game?
That could be done with a poll very easily. The persistent connection 
works well enough that a small number (<500) of players could be on a 
single server doing things in realtime, but the other limitations apply.

>5) if the answer to 4 is 'yes' I've been looking at both Unity which is a
>java/flash chat system that i think a laszlo client could be written for
>pretty reasonably, and (thinking about looking more into) a jabber client
>library written for flash that might be nicely translated too. I'd be
>curious about any opinions folk have on either of these ideas or what they
>would suggest for doing messaging if all the next version of lzx does is
>open a bare socket connection.
So, I've tinkered with OSCAR robots in perl using Net::OSCAR. It was 
simple enough that bridging to Laszlo *could* be trivial. I played with 
it enough to prove that it could be done. That's not an ideal way to 
solve the problems, but again it worked :)

The persistent connection agent API makes this possible to proxy those 
kinds of things.  If you had an agent that was a jabber client...

Mark Davis

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