[Laszlo-dev] Why we doesn't open cvs?

tdkmancn tdkmancn at tom.com
Sun Nov 28 19:26:56 PST 2004

hi ,Andrew Wooldridge

    agree you!   

    I only wish to get the latest code on every day.   
    opening cvs,I mean that we have permission to get code from cvs, not to commit code directly.
    if we find some problem of code ,we will send mail to the lazslo team. the lazslo team can fix code in cvs.        

>opening cvs would be a disaster - there needs to be a system in place
>before something like that to determine what code can be checked in,
>where, and by whom.  Look at projects like Mozilla and Blender - they
>all have open cvs, but a comprehensive system for code ownership and
>accepted practises are in place.
>On Sun, 28 Nov 2004 13:15:00 +0800, tdkmancn at tom.com <tdkmancn at tom.com> wrote:
>> hi,everbody:
>>     Why we doesn't open cvs?
>>     If we open cvs,the user and developer of laszlo can do better at developing laszlo.
>>     At least, I except we can view code of cvs.
>> tdkmancn
>> tdkmancn at tom.com
>> 2004-11-28
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