OpenLaszlo Mobile Frequently Asked Questions

What is the OpenLaszlo mobile strategy

A. The idea is to create a set of tools and proof-of-concepts for mobile OpenLaszlo applications, using a range of existing standard, technologies and frameworks, to push the write-once, run-everywhere philosophy of OpenLaszlo to mobile devices. The goal is to have OpenLaszlo applications running on smartphones, the Apple iPad and similar devices, devices supporting standards like W3C widget, Opera Widget, and JIL as well as to the runtimes supported by Adobe’s Open Screen Project (Flash 10.1 and Adobe AIR 2.0+).

Why choose OpenLaszlo mobile?

A. OpenLaszlo mobile is a community-driven open source project. See It's all about sharing ideas and concepts, putting those ideas into practice as proof-of-concepts and demonstrators, publishing tutorials on mobile OpenLaszlo development. Companies, OpenLaszlo community members, and anyone interested in creating mobile applications is invited to join the project.

Next Steps?

A. Sign up for the OpenLaszlo Mobile mailing list and get involved. Check out the OpenLaszlo mobile blog. We look forward to working with you!