Mailing Lists

The OpenLaszlo User and Developer lists are mailing lists for the users of the open source OpenLaszlo Platform. The purpose of the lists is to allow members of the OpenLaszlo community to communicate with each other and share solutions to common problems.

The mailing lists are hosted by Laszlo Systems, but Laszlo Systems employees participate in the lists as members of the community, essentially on their own time and in the spirit of the collaborative nature of any open source project. In particular, the lists are not an official support mechanism and you should not expect an answer to any particular question, from Laszlo Systems employees or anyone else.

If you think you've found a bug in OpenLaszlo, please take the time to distill it down to a reproducible test case and file a bug in JIRA. We encourage you to also post about your problem on the appropriate list in case a workaround has been found, but without a filed bug the issue is unlikely to be resolved in OpenLaszlo itself.

If you are working on a commercial product and need a higher level of support than is available from the community, there are companies and individuals who can help you out. Laszlo Systems offers a full range of support services, ranging from incident support to full custom development, and the OpenLaszlo wiki contains a list of consultants for hire.

The OpenLaszlo Announcement List

Join the laszlo-announce list to receive announcements of general interest to all members of the OpenLaszlo community. Posts to this list are only permitted by list subscribers, and require moderator approval.

The OpenLaszlo User List

Join the laszlo-user list to discuss issues of interest to users of the OpenLaszlo platform. This list augments the Laszlo developer forums.

The OpenLaszlo Development List

Join the laszlo-dev list to collaborate on OpenLaszlo platform development, submit source code and report bugs.

The OpenLaszlo Mobile List

Join the mobile list to participate and learn about creating OpenLaszlo widgets and mobile applications.

The OpenLaszlo Check-ins List

Join the laszlo-checkins list to track source code checkins to the OpenLaszlo source repository. Warning: this is a verbose mailing list, containing automated checkins related to the review process and the nightly builds.

MarkMail Openlaszlo Mailing List Archives

The kind people at Mark Logic have built a mailing list archive tool called MarkMail, which makes archiving and searching messages from mailing lists very easy. They've been nice enough to load the OpenLaszlo mailing lists into MarkMail, and you can access and search these archives at It's definitely worth checking out.

Mailing List Policy

  • Subscribers must respond to a confirmation email - if you do not receive it, please check your spam filter settings!
  • Subscriber email addresseses will be viewable in 'obscured' (e.g. 'user at') format to other subscribers
  • Subscribers may set their member options laszlo-dev) to hide their email address from other subscribers
  • Subscriber lists are not publicly viewable
  • Only subscribers may post to this list
  • Posts to these lists are publicly viewable
  • Posts to the laszlo-announce list require moderator approval.

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