Getting Started

OpenLaszlo is the only rich internet platform that lets you write once and compile to both flash and DHTML. It's easy to get started with OpenLaszlo. Just do the following:

Step 1
Get a quick introduction to OpenLaszlo, by looking at Learn Laszlo in 10 Minutes.
Step 2

Download OpenLaszlo and install the software.
Step 3
For a detailed look at programming in OpenLaszlo, this 40 minute screencast is a must-see as it demonstrates construction of a simple client-server application. It is a great resource to understand OpenLaszlo capabilities.
Step 4
When you're ready for more technical detail on OpenLaszlo's architecture and design, download our OpenLaszlo White Paper: OpenLaszlo: An Open Architecture Framework for Advanced Ajax Applications.
Step 5
Time to roll up the sleeves and see OpenLaszlo Application in action – take a look at LZ Project, one of our OpenLaszlo 4 Blueprint Applications.

Also, make sure you check out our cool demos and showcase apps, it’s a great way to see what’s possible in OpenLaszlo.

Once you've started with OpenLaszlo, you'll want to get more involved. Consider getting involved in our active community, perhaps by joining the other OpenLaszlo developers on our Community Forums.