On this page, you'll find the developer documentation for OpenLaszlo as well as collateral materials about the platform.

Developer Documentation

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About the Guides

Installation Instructions
Instructions for installing OpenLaszlo development kits, the servlet, and building from source code.

Software Developer's Guide to OpenLaszlo Applications
In depth explanations of OpenLaszlo concepts - from tutorials through advanced concepts.

LZX Reference Manual
Comprehensive listing of LZX tag definitions and APIs, including tag attributes and API methods and parameters.

System Administrator's Guide to Deploying OpenLaszlo Applications
Information for system administrators about how to deploy the OpenLaszlo Server (not needed if deploying using SOLO mode). Includes explanations of configuration settings and server monitoring.

Components Guide
A visual design guide for the LZ components, including detailed explanations of their construction. In the OpenLaszlo 4.3 or higher releases, this information is included in the Software Developer's Guide and no longer exists as a separate manual.