If you're excited by OpenLaszlo, we invite you to get involved. If you'd like your name on a project like this, that you can point to and say "I did that!", here's what you can do.

Who Can Help?

Laszlo is a deep system with many layers, and there are many ways to contribute. Experienced JavaScript developers, as well as programmers just getting comfortable with JavaScript and HTML, will find it possible to write rich internet applications and contribute to the OpenLaszlo project.

What Can I Do?

Whether you’re an individual developer or a corporation, you can donate funds to further OpenLaszlo’s growth. Contributions can be applied to buying hardware or general development. Examples include’s support of the Flash 9 and ActionScript 3 code development. Email to request a purchase order or learn more.
Write or Blog about OpenLaszlo
Have you done something interesting in OpenLaszlo? Write about it! Post these in the forums or on your site. If you do write about OpenLaszlo on your site, please email and we'll look at publicizing it on our blog
Present a Paper at a Conference or Users Group Meeting
Share your experiences with creating and deploying Rich Internet Applications using OpenLaszlo. Send us a link to your talk and we'll put it up on the OpenLaszlo wiki and let folks know about it.
Have you written an interesting OpenLaszlo Application, or do you have a web site that uses OpenLaszlo in interesting ways? Write about it in the Forums in our OpenLaszlo Showcase and let us know what you're doing and how OpenLaszlo made it happen. We might add it to our Showcase page or blog about it!
Tell us about them using JIRA. Create a simple test case that demonstrates the problem and attach it. Better yet, if you want to really get involved, start fixing them as well. Download the source and hack away.
Build system
It works, but there's a lot of steps. We could really use people interested in making installing OpenLaszlo easier, and people interested in helping us improve the build system and allow more people to work with and improve the nightly builds. Subscribe to the OpenLaszlo-Dev mailing list and get involved.
OpenLaszlo ships with a set of base classes and a set of components. If you are comfortable with OOP and have written class or frameworks, consider getting involved as a component author. Do you have ideas for a better button component, or for a component that OpenLaszlo is flat out missing? Take a look at the source to the OpenLaszlo components. The source is included in both the source and the binary distributions, and is written completely in OpenLaszlo. See what you can do. Contribute your components and we'll make them avaialble in the incubator for early access.
Developers have expressed interest in making OpenLaszlo work with CLR, JVM, XUL, SVG, and XUL. Check on the dev list if you're interested in finding a group to work with.

Contributor Guidelines

You will have an easier time understanding the design of the OpenLaszlo platform if you understand these principles:

Size matters
OpenLaszlo applications are deployed over the open web to users who are not technologists. They are not interested in downloading a large file in order to try out a new technology; they are using a OpenLaszlo application to accomplish a specific task. If you are not a web page developer, you may be surprised at how much difference each additional 1K makes. We are working hard to further reduce the size of OpenLaszlo applications, and will only consider changes to the required library of the client runtime if they affect the size of existing applications minimally or not at all.
OpenLaszlo isn't Flash
Flash is only one of the currently supported output formats, OpenLaszlo also supports DHTML. Features should only be added to the platform where they can be added in a runtime-neutral way. (No timelines and movie clips, please!) We don't want to be hamstrung by Flash-specific APIs.

See Be a Contributor for more information.