Be a Contributor

Q. How can I contribute to OpenLaszlo?

  1. Print out and sign the Contributors Agreement. Fax it to 1 (650) 651-1666 or mail it to

    OpenLaszlo Project
    2655 Campus Drive, Suite 250
    San Mateo CA 94403

    Alternatively, you can print out the agreement, sign it, scan it, and send the PDF to Whatever method you choose, you only need to send the signed agreement once. You only need to do this once. This allows you to submit any number of contributions.

  2. Create a patch file, and turn this into a zip or tar file. If the patch is less than five lines of changes to a single file, you can simply include it in your mail message.
  3. Mail your patch to
  4. You will receive a confirmation email that your patch has been received
  5. A module owner will review your patch, and send the review comments back to you. You may be asked to revise your patch to match coding guidelines.
  6. If the patch is accepted, an OpenLaszlo member with commit privieges will check the patch in and add your name to the contributors list.
  7. The patched code will be available in the next release of that branch.

Q. Are there patch or code-style guidelines?
Patch guidelines are posted on the wiki, at Code style guidelines are at

Q. Why do you ask for copyright assignment?
Copyright assignment ensures that, if necessary, Laszlo can enforce the Common Public License (which is how OpenLaszlo is licensed) without involving contributors.

Q. What do I get in return?
First, your name will appear in the OpenLaszlo credits and project history. Contributions are periodically posted to the laszlo-announce mailing list. Second, we grant back to you every right to do what you want with your code, without any restrictions from us. This includes your right to relicense the code under whatever terms you desire or modify your code. The only thing you can't do is give someone else copyright ownership.

Q. How do I assign copyright?
To legally assign the copyright from your work, you must print and sign this Contributor Agreement. If you assign copyright for a submission, but it doesn't get committed, the assignment is canceled.

Q. I work for an organization or company that does not allow me to assign copyrights. What can I do?
Laszlo may allow your organization to retain the copyright of your submitted works, provided that your organization is expected to contribute a significant body of work to Laszlo. There are a few other requirements too because it is important that we keep the number of copyright owners of LPS code to a minimum. Please email for more information.

Q. I don't like this contributor agreement? What should I do?
If you still don't feel comfortable with some aspect of the contributor agreement, email us directly and outline your concerns. Our goal is to do what will best serve OpenLaszlo and its developers and users.